Consistent Carbohydrate Meal Plan

Are you looking for a way to create consistent energy and vitality without blood sugar spikes and crashes? 

This plant-based meal plan was designed to maintain regularity in timing and spacing of carbohydrate intake to optimize glycemic control and support cardiovascular health.

Balanced blood sugar benefits everyone! A consistent (or controlled) carbohydrate diet can help ANYONE, especially helps those with PCOS, Insulin resistance, or diabetes keep their carbohydrate consumption at a steady level, through every meal and snack.

It provides similar amounts of carbohydrates at each meal and snack to promote a more even and stable blood sugar response.

Adequate fiber intake has several health benefits including improving digestion, nourishing the microbiome and helping you to feel fuller, longer. This meal plan provides an average of 50 grams of daily fiber from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Read more about dietary fiber here.

This plan is free from added sugar and uses high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrate sources. To support cardiovascular health, saturated fat and sodium are kept to a minimum.

NO MORE wasted food that you buy because it's healthy but have no idea how or when to use it in your weekly meals.

NO MORE wasted time in the kitchen. 

Every Meal Plan Includes: 

  • One Week of Meals - enough variety to stay interesting and enough consistency to maximize efficiency in the kitchen
  • Full Color One-Page Weekly Meal Plan - simple to follow every day. 
  • Complete Grocery List  - check off what you already have and shop for just what you need. No wasted time in the store, no wasted food! 
  • Detailed Recipe Collection - for every meal listed, complete with storage suggestions, potential ingredient substitutions, and modifications
  • Comprehensive Prep Guide (The best part, in my opinion!) - specific instructions for EACH DAY of your meal plan, complete with how and when to prep. 

Simplify your eating with this easy to follow program! 

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