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Are you ready to eat nutritious foods and feel healthy, vibrant and energetic without sacrificing your limited free time??

Eat delicious foods without spending hours every week creating a plan that's complicated or hard to follow, without feeling deprived.

Tired of searching for meals, collecting recipes, making grocery lists (and hoping you didn't forget anything), figuring out what to make, wasting food because you ran out of time to make it?

  Use Custom Meal Planning Service and get

100% Personalized Meal Plans for an entire MONTH!  

Whether you want to have more energy, reduce brain fog, heal your gut, or even lose weight, it becomes easier to make other healthy choices and changes once you start fueling your body with the essentials!

Watch your motivation grow and your energy skyrocket!

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Simplify Your Meal Planning So You Can Spend Time Doing Things You Actually Enjoy!

With Custom Meal Planning Service, you have the control, eliminate most of the work! 

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Your Custom Meal Planning Service Includes:

  • One-on-One Coaching Session: Up to two hours for a personal consultation to discuss your goals and create a basis for your plan Value $450+  
  • Complete Plan with One Month of Meals: Full color weekly layouts are simple to follow. Value $250+
  • Detailed Recipes: Curated to meet your preferences, all in one place. Value $150+
  • Comprehensive Preparation Guides: No guessing- tells you what to cook, AND when. Value $400 ( ++PRICELESS++)
  • Simplified Weekly Grocery Lists: No wasted food and no wasted time in the grocery store! Value $160+

SPECIAL BONUSES included with Custom Meal Plans:


Let's get listin'

DISCOUNTS ON ADDITIONAL MONTHS: Keep your progress going!

- Reach your goal while keeping it interesting
- Maintain your results once you get there, without any extra work. 

DINING OUT GUIDE: Feel confident even when you're not eating at home!

- Know exactly what to pick on the menu and stay true to your goals.
- Simple tactics for dining out when you're not at a restaurant.

MINDSET PROMPTS: Shift your mindset to help support your transformation.

- In-the-moment inspiration to keep you on track. 
- Leave diet and deprivation mindset behind.




Personalize Your Wellness

If you're curious whether using the Custom Meal Planning service, or if working with me in another capacity is a better fit, please reach out.

I'd love to start a conversation and help you find the service that will work best for you!

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Your Custom Meal Planning Service Includes:


One-on-One Coaching Session

One of the few ways to get personalized, expert nutrition recommendations!

Schedule your one-on-one coaching call that lasts up to two hours, and we will discuss: 

Your current state and preferences -  Are you sensitive to certain ingredients? Do you have GI issues or low energy? Do you hate onions? 

Your wellness goals - do you want to reduce inflammation, lose weight, have more energy, eat more "clean" or try new foods?

Your meal prep preferences - do you want to make ahead, or prepare fresh each day, or a combination of the two?   

VALUE: $450+

Complete Meal Plan with four weeks of meals

Never wonder what you are going to eat!

Each week includes a full color visual guide for your meals. Enough variety to keep things interesting, while using leftovers and allowing for advanced meal prep to make the best use of your time in the kitchen. So easy to follow, and simple to stick to your plan when you don't have to stand in front of the fridge wondering, "What will I eat?"

VALUE: $250+

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Recipe Overview

Detailed Recipes

Your plan includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks! 

Reach your wellness goals, eating delicious, nutritious foods, without feeling deprived! You get easy to follow, detailed recipes scaled for your preferred quantity. No more scouring online, counting macros, trying to piece together recipes and weekly plans. All curated just for you, and included in one simple file! 

VALUE: $150+

Comprehensive Preparation Guides 

How much is your time worth??

This is perhaps my favorite part of the custom meal plans - PREP GUIDES! Helps you look at the week ahead, and know what to make, AND when! Using a recipe for dinner tonight and meals later in the week? Your prep guide, in combination with your recipe pack will tell you how much to make, which portion to eat, and how much to set aside! This is the best way to maximize your meal preparation time while minimizing time actually cooking! Choose how many different meals you want each week, and how much you'd like to rely on leftovers/meal prep. 


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Grocery List Overview

Simplified Weekly Grocery Lists 

Save money and time at the grocery store!

Check your pantry and fridge; mark off what you have and only pick up what you need! Each list is divided by section to make it even more simple to identify the items required for the week, check your home, and shop!

No wasted food that you picked up because it looks good, and then you can't figure out when or how to use it before it inevitably hits the garbage can a few days later. 

VALUE: $160+

BONUS Dining Out Guide

You can enjoy dining out with friends and family!

With this simple guide, you can find something on virtually any menu at restaurants serving most types of cuisine. Download it to your phone or print a small copy to keep with you and you'll always be in control!

VALUE: $50+

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BONUS Mindset & Motivational Prompts

Creating consistency with your eating habits can have huge rewards. But it can also be intimidating and maybe even a little scary at times. Perhaps it's fun in the beginning, but when the initial fun wears off, where does that leave you? Your mindset shifting motivational prompts are like a Wellness Coach in your pocket! Use them to get started, stay motivated, and support your success! 

You have big goals. Let's get you there!

Meal planning is one of the most effective ways to reach your health and wellness goals.

Create consistency in your nutrition, reduce cravings and temptations and


  • Increased Energy - fuel your body with foods that support natural energy! 
  • Confidence - you're empowered to make choices that make you feel good as you see results and consistent energy!
  • Continued Motivation - feel empowered to continue making choices that create wellness. 
  • Accountability - fewer opportunities to stray from your program mean you are more likely to stick to your plan and get results faster!
  • Variety - take this opportunity to try some new foods and work them into your routine. Plans have enough variety to keep it interesting, but enough cross-use of ingredients and staples to minimize time in the kitchen.
  • No More Wasted Food - ​Only buy the foods you need, instead of buying something because you think it's healthy and not knowing when or how to use it. 
  • Save Time at Home - Stop searching for healthy recipes that use ingredients only once. Our plans make use of similar ingredients during the week to maximize your time and budget.
  • No More Wasted Time - Simplified grocery lists mean you spend less time in the grocery store and more time enjoying your energy boost!
  • Flexibility - Your plan is customized for you! We include in your plan: dining out, meal prep recipes, usage of leftovers, ETC. ALL TO MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE PERSONALIZED, AND SIMPLE!

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Here is what some of our past and current clients are saying about ProActive Wellness Coaching:

ProActive Wellness Coaching

“Liz, I would just like to thank you for all of your help on my journey... Due to your knowledge you really helped me get through some hard times and since I was a little different than other clients ... you really came through for me.”

ProActive Wellness Coaching

“She was motivating and helpful and very devoted to help me through the journey of weight loss. I learned so much through our many sessions, with her encouragement and knowledge that she shared.
Liz was wonderful to work with and
I know I couldn't have been successful on my own.”

ProActive Wellness Coaching

“Liz totally changed my mindset about nutrition and wellness. She helped me lose 15 pounds so easily." ”

ProActive Wellness Coaching

“I would often wake up feeling frustrated. After our session, I knew that help was on the way. The next day, I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time - hopeful.”


“One of the biggest barriers to feeling energetic and eating healthy has always been TIME. I've been curious about the influence nutrition  has on our overall wellbeing for so many years. It's led me to take courses, talk to other experts, and do countless hours of research, to find the things that work best and to empower people to make choices to help them feel vibrant, without sacrificing time, without feeling guilt or shame, and without feeling deprived. My own health struggles led me to a place of feeling frustrated, and at times, hopeless. But being able to share the knowledge and expertise I've gained through the process, to help others regain control of their own energy, vitality and happiness has been a HUGE reward." 

–Liz, Founder

ProActive Wellness Coaching

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