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How Is Your Wellness Connected to Your Gut?

Are you frequently tired during the day? 
Do you have frequent headaches?
Do you suffer from anxiety or chronic stress? 
Do you have trouble sleeping, or wake up still feeling tired?
Do you have frequent GI issues like heartburn or stomach upset?

Do you feel like you are doing all the "right things" but still not feeling your best? 

​Wellness is the balance of your physical, mental and social wellbeing. When these facets are working harmoniously, we feel a sense of natural energy, motivation, mental clarity, and physical strength. 

Another key piece of wellness is being able to cope with external and internal stressors and manage the uncertainty with vigor and resilience.  Challenges to our wellness are all around us, in our ever-changing, uncertain world.

What if you could control how your body and mind respond, by nourishing one essential part of your body? 

Your gut is the center of your energy production, happy hormone production, and detoxification. It processes essential nutrients to give us natural sustainable energy, and creates the hormones that calm anxiety and promote happiness. Environmental toxins are filtered through a properly functioning digestive tract. 

But what happens when there is an imbalance? 

Your body begins to show you the imbalance in ways you might never expect!

Take this Gut Health Quiz, and find out if you could get more energy, more motivation, more mental clarity, and more physical vigor by making a few sustainable changes.



Make a note of each time you choose "Rarely," "Sometimes," or "Often." Calculate your score by adding the totals of each column.  

Wellness Assessment

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