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Wellness Coaching Packages 

Wellness encompasses physical, mental and social wellbeing. Each individual deserves a unique approach, and often you need a guide, tools, and accountability to get there. 

ProActive Wellness Coaching will approach your journey as a partnership: with humility, empathy, an open mind and a sense of humor. 


Exploration Session:  

Opens a dialogue between client and coach. Have you been feeling "stuck," and unsure where to begin?  Learn how ProActive Wellness Coaching services can help you feel your best. 

20-30 minute session, over the phone.

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Taking control of your wellness before it becomes a concern is easier and more effective than trying to overcome challneges once they arise. (1)

Health and Wellness Assessment Session:

More in depth than the Exploration session,

Examine your current health and wellness picture: nutrition habits, food preferences, lifestyle, past and present successes and challenges.

Uncover areas for enhancement, discuss possible roadblocks, conclude with actionable recommendations and plan for next steps.

Single, 90 minute session, over the phone.

Investment: $150*

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* Payment for Health and Wellness Assessment Session can be applied toward other packages for the same client, if client decides to proceed with additional services, up to one year from date of first session.

ProActive Platinum  

Do you need a health reboot? Do you need to improve your nutrition and energy level but just. don’t. have. time? Are you busy person that needs the The Total Package, but can’t possibly search recipes, plan menus, create shopping lists?

Do you have limited time to add movement into your life? ProActive Platinum is for you! 

  • One (1) 90 minute Health and Wellness Assessment Session  

  • One(1)  Two-hour Meal Planning Workshop to provide tips and tools for planning, shopping and creating healthy meals, healthy swaps, along with links and resources for nutritious recipes and suggested modifications to suit preferences.

  • One 50-minute coaching session per month, scheduled after the first session. Evening and Weekend Hours available 

  • Personalized weekly meal planning tips, and recipes sent to your inbox. 

  • Personalized movement suggestions to fit your busy lifestyle

  • Mid-week check-ins with your wellness coach to maintain motivation and accountability.

  • Unlimited email AND text support.

  • ProActive Platinum can be modified to suit your needs.

        Billed Monthly

Weight loss Coaching: Length of Programs Vary  

Do you know what you "should" do but need more specific direction to reach your weigh loss goals? Know that you need to lose weight because of metabolic diseases? Are you unable to commit to a strict exercise program due to physical or time limitations?  Choose from several programs that can help take control of your life with simplified nutrition that will help you build healthy habits for a lifetime of health.  Average weight loss is 8-10 pounds per month, if program is followed explicitly. 

  • One (1) 40 minute Health and Lifestyle Assessment

  • Educational Program Materials 

  • Expert health coaching: weekly check-ins, unlimited email support

  • Simplified Nutrition: Meal Planning Made Easy!

  • Access to a community of like-minded people with similar goals, share recipes and motivation. 

Investment varies depending on weight loss goals, schedule a consult today to determine which program would work for you!​

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ProActive Total Package:  Six+ Months

Are you ready for a change? Do you wonder how people who seem to be so “healthy” make it look so easy? Are you hoping to lose weight or reduce body fat? With this package, you are offered the ability to make significant improvements by making small changes over time, building on your strengths and using them to your advantage. With the ProActive Total Package, you get the expert guidance, tools and accountability to make your goals a reality.

  • One (1) 90 minute Health and Wellness Assessment Session  

  • One(1)  Two-hour Meal Planning Workshop to provide tips and tools for planning, shopping and creating healthy meals, along with links and resources for nutritious recipes and suggested modifications to suit preferences.

  • Four (4) fifty minute coaching sessions, scheduled once per month after the first session.

  • Personalized meal and movement suggestions

  • Weekly check-ins with your wellness coach to maintain motivation and accountability.

  • Unlimited email and text support

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ProActive Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Reset:  3 Months

Already comfortable with your present health, but hoping to improve your overall wellness? Interested in taking your nutrition to the next level? Would you like to sleep better and wake up refreshed? Would you like to “age gracefully?” Do you need motivation and accountability? We take an holistic approach to evaluating your current situation, and developing a plan to incorporate beneficial habits into your life, one small change at a time.    

This three month program is best for those who feel they are in a state of good health and would like to improve the other areas of wellness.

  • One 90-minute Health and Wellness Assessment Session

  • One 50-minute Goal Setting session

  • Three (3) 50-minute coaching sessions to empower the client to develop a plan for enhancing total wellness.

  • Unlimited email support.  

Get Started Nutrition & Wellness Reset

Meal Planning Workshops: Two hours  

You want to clean up your food choices. You have health or wellness goals in mind. Are you tired of wasting time searching for recipes, digging through the pantry, and wondering “what will we eat?”

Meal Planning Workshops are structured to provide you with the tools to plan menus for a week or up to a month. Learn ways to design meals and shop to fit your preferences, maximize your budget and minimize some common frustrations in the kitchen.  All workshops include resources to identify recipes, and we can offer modifications to help attain health goals. 

Meal Planning Workshop Pre-registration forms must be submitted at least 3 days before workshop date.

Included with Platinum and Total Package
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Pantry Evaluation/Refresh: Three Hours+ 

Curious about how the foods in your pantry and refrigerator could be interfering with your health and weightloss goals? Need a better way to find what you're looking for while trying to plan and prepare meals? This working appointment can help to improve your wellness in two ways: Get organized in your pantry and fridge, and learn about the foods that can help (or hinder) you to get healthier. The perfect project to accompany your health and wellness journey!  (Virtual Consultations and safe, in person consultations available.) 

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Vision Board Workshops: Two to Three Hours

Creating a Vision Board can help you to discover your desires and dreams. Some people believe that this enlightening activity can help bring your dreams into reality by putting out in to the universe what you hope to receive. Many people are surprised by how their vision board session unfolds!

Come with an open mind and a few ideas. You provide the space, we provide the materials. If your group has a special request or a particular interest, let's talk about it!

Vision Board Workshop Pre-registration is required.

Investment dependent on size of group.

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