Simple Plant Based Meal Plan

Have you heard about all the benefits of eating a plant-based or plant-forward diet?

Overwhelmed by all the options, or need to simplify your weekly meal planning?

Eating plant-based doesn't need to be expensive!! This plan has been carefully created to include a minimal number of ingredients to keep food costs down and uses leftovers so no food goes to waste.

Adequate fiber intake has several health benefits including improving digestion, nourishing the microbiome and helping you to feel fuller, longer. This meal plan provides up to 50 grams of daily fiber from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Read more about dietary fiber here.

NO MORE wasted food that you buy because it's healthy but have no idea how or when to use it in your weekly meals.

NO MORE wasted time in the kitchen. 

Eat delicious, nutritious meals, that support your wellness and goals! It becomes easier to make other healthy choices and changes once you start fueling your body with what it needs!  

Every Meal Plan Includes: 

  • One Week of Meals - enough variety to stay interesting and enough consistency to maximize efficiency in the kitchen
  • Full Color One-Page Weekly Meal Plan - simple to follow every day. 
  • Complete Grocery List  - check off what you already have and shop for just what you need. No wasted time in the store, no wasted food! 
  • Detailed Recipe Collection - for every meal listed, complete with storage suggestions, potential ingredient substitutions, and modifications
  • Comprehensive Prep Guide (The best part, in my opinion!) - specific instructions for EACH DAY of your meal plan, complete with how and when to prep. 

Use this system together to discover how easy it can be to eat healthy, energy supporting meals! 

Generic meal Plan Inclusions