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Summer Wellness Helpers (Daytime Edition)

Summer Wellness Must Haves Daytime Edition

Summer is a time that most of us love to be outdoors, get moving, and often relax and take a break from our regular routine. 

We are often up later than usual, thanks to the extended sunlight and so many opportunities to get out! 

How can we keep our health and wellness on track and feeling our best while still enjoying this season?

Bring your own healthy snacks.

Protect yourself from too much sun.

Drink plenty of water. 

AND - use a few things on this list to help make your weeks of summer just as fun while protecting your wellness! Get these now so you can enjoy the rest of the summer. 

Sun Hat. Protect your delicate facial skin from the sun. This style goes with just about ANY outfit! The bonus is, it's packable! Roll it up and stick it in your bag, and it'll regain it's shape as soon as you pop it on your head.

If you don't like this style, or hats make your head too hot (sometimes happens to me!) you might like a visor instead! This is a classic, simple design. It keeps my head cool, but still protects my eyes and face from the sun. I toss mine in the wash if I'm particularly sweaty and hang it to dry. Comes out fresh and clean every time!


Cooler Bag. Can you believe this is a cooler?? It's gorgeous! And it holds up to 9 cans, or 4 cans plus your entire lunch. It is super lightweight with vegan leather exterior and nylon straps with a waterproof, wipe clean inside that has Igloo's highest quality lightweight insulation. I can't wait to bring one of these to my next ... anything! 

Sunscreen. I like mineral sunscreens as opposed to those that sink into the skin. They offer a physical barrier between the skin and the sun. I like to apply this type as a "first layer" on myself and my family before we head to the beach. A facial sunscreen with zinc is great (after getting a few minutes of unfiltered daylight for optimal Vitamin D production) to prevent skin cancer and loss of tone in the skin. Ethical Zinc is one of the few mineral sunscreens that I have found that rubs in clear and doesn't create a strong white film. Other chemical sunscreens (Avobenzone, Octocrylene, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate and others) can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. They are known endocrine disruptors (meaning they can mess with your hormones) and are not safe for marine life if they wash off in the ocean. Some countries have even banned the use of these chemical sunscreens due to their danger to coral reefs and the surrounding sea life. 

Ice Packs. My absolute favorite ice packs, we use them everywhere and have them in multiple sizes. Why do I get so excited about ice packs? Great question... I have no idea, but I am attached to these. ha!

I'd choose the lunch size if you're a first timer! Super versatile, and stay frozen for hours, and cold for even longer. They usually come home in my kids lunch boxes still frozen solid after a full day of school! We put a few in larger cooler bags, or if we need something to stay frozen. Larger options are available to use in your full size coolers too! I recommend filling them following the package directions and then storing absolutely flat the first time. This will ensure they fit into your cooler nicely, and take up as little room as possible. 

Food storage containers. I usually recommend glass for food storage, but let's be honest. It's heavy. These plastic containers are good for occasional use. They are recyclable if you decide to only use them once, but also washable (even dishwasher safe!) and reusable! Fill them with fruits, vegetables, pasta salads, trail mixes, or any other snacks that can help you feel satisfied without the dreaded crash of sugary, salt-laden snack bar or convenience store foods. These 8 oz containers are the perfect size to stack in your cooler bag, so you can have a nice enough variety to keep it interesting without taking up too much space!

(if you prefer glass, check these Pyrex 8oz containers out

Water Cup. You know how strongly I feel about staying hydrated! This Simple Modern stainless water cup is spill resistant and insulated to keep your drinks cold for hours. It fits in the cup holder of your car or your beach chair, has a convenient handle, and comes in some beautiful colors! 

Towel. This style of towel is my absolute favorite!! Use it as a picnic blanket, a towel after a surprise summer rain shower, or to cover a hot car seat! You can even use these beautiful, versatile Turkish woven towels as a wrap in a chilly restaurant or shop. They're thin enough to roll and tuck into your tote so you're always prepared, and come in lots of versatile colors that go with anything!

Music. Take this portable speaker with you anywhere. It's waterproof, bump-resistant and comes in some cute color options! Has a loop to clip it onto your bag, cooler, or hang from your beach umbrella (we use simple carabiner clips like these for everything in the summer!). We have had ours for about 5 years, and it's still going strong. The sound is rich and clear. You can play it loud, but get equal sound quality when you're trying not to blast out the people under the next umbrella or at the next tailgate spot! 

ProActive Wellness Coaching is always seeking solutions, doing research and testing products to offer you the latest and best in holistic nutrition and wellness. I believe that all of our systems are connected, and identifying and addressing any imbalances helps us to feel better overall, giving us more energy, a positive outlook and a confidence to continue making decisions that help support our health and wellness. Are you ready take control of your wellness? Schedule a Holistic Health & Wellness evaluation call today!

This post contains affiliate links for which I will receive a small commission - at no cost to you - if you make a purchase. Rest assured, I recommend products I have used myself, or have researched and would use for myself or for my family. 

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