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How to Combat Night Time Cravings

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You're "good" all day. You've prepped your breakfast, made a choice that fuels your body for lunch, and had a satisfying and nutritious dinner. 

But now it's 9PM and you're not quite ready for bed yet... and it hits. 

The night time cravings. 

They’re so common, it seems especially so if you’re on a wellness or weight loss journey. And giving in to these cravings can lead to creating an unhealthy habit, poor sleep quality, and even weight gain. Let's take a look at why they pop up, and what you can do about it, so you can wake up feeling refreshed!

These are the three most common reasons we have evening cravings:

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• FATIGUE: being tired and “pushing through” the fatigue increases our hunger hormones. It’s the body’s way to get the energy it thinks is needed to keep going, even if you’re only planning to sit on the couch.

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• THIRST: Almost 70% of people are perpetually dehydrated. And when we're thirsty, our brain can often confuse that signal with hunger. They're very similar, after all. 


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• Actual HUNGER: Especially if you’re trying to lose weight, the earlier part of the day is typically easier for most people. We’re rested, and our resolve and motivation are strong. But excessive calorie restriction early in the day leads to a caloric deficit that is too great. The body will request more calories to make up the difference at night.

Here are 3️⃣ ways to reduce night time cravings:

1) SLEEP!! Getting at least 7 hours of sleep is best, 8 is ideal. Stress and hunger hormones naturally decrease while we sleep. Give your body adequate rest ensures it’s not seeking extra calories (usually in the form of sugars) to keep going past it’s optimal
working hours! Check out this article about how to improve your sleep quality!koala sleeping on a tree branch
2) FRONT LOAD YOUR DAY: Ensure you are getting enough nutrient dense calories (fuel) in the first half of your day, especially in the form of protein healthy fats and whole grains. This will naturally leave you feeling satisfied as the day progresses. (And make sure you are hydrating throughout the day - at least 64oz at very minimum for most adults, but closer to 80oz is even better.)

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3) DISTRACT: If you’ve really had “enough” food for the day (didn’t under eat and had the appropriate amount of gut healthy fruits & vegetables and satiating protein & healthy fats), and you’re not quite ready to head to bed, do something to keep your hands busy or distract from the craving. Journaling, puzzle books, paint your nails, fold laundry…

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Nighttime cravings can be a common issue that many people experience. The body's natural rhythms and hormones can trigger hunger and cravings during the evening hours, even if you've had strong motivation and "will power" all day. Luckily, there are simple tactics that can help break this habit and promote better sleep hygiene. By practicing mindful eating, staying hydrated, and establishing a consistent bedtime routine, you can curb nighttime cravings and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

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