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Summer Nights Must Haves (Sleep Edition)

night time Summer Wellness Must Haves

Summer is a time that most of us love to be outdoors, get moving,

and then relax and take a break from our regular routine. 

We are often up later than usual, thanks to the extended sunlight and so many opportunities to get out!

How can we protect our sleep at night so we can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to do it all again?! 

Read on to discover some of my favorites that help you to get good quality rest so you can stay energized throughout the day!

Sleep Mask. I love to celebrate the longer days and extended sunlight hours in Summer! But sleep can often suffer as a consequence, since our brains need darkness to signal the cascade of sleep hormones that helps us drift into slumber. I've used this sleep mask, and re-ordered for myself, family and friends because it's Just. That. Good. Super smooth mulberry silk gently rests on your face with an adjustable strap to keep it in place. There is something so comforting about having this mask hug your face to sleep at night. Just be careful, it encourages such comfortable slumber that you may start going to bed earlier!


Silk Pillow Case. If you want the most restful night sleep, and to give your skin and hair a break from the friction created by traditional fabrics, treat yourself to a silk pillow case! I love this brand because the fabric is so - well, silky - without being to slippery, if that makes sense. These cases come in so many beautiful colors and 8 (yes EIGHT!) different sizes ranging from toddler to standard to body pillows to king. 

Sound Machine. Ambient noise (think cars, kids, late night neighbors, fireworks) can keep you from falling into a deep sleep. Sound machines are designed to create a predictable, steady base of white noise that distracts the mind from other noises in the environment. The Hatch Sound Machine is programmable for sleep and wake times, and doubles as a reading light in the evening. It offers a natural wake up with sunrise light and nature sounds - no more BEEP BEEP BEEP to shock you out of sleep!  (as of the writing of this post, it's on sale for $20 off!)

Sheets That Stay Cool. Cotton is the most common material used for bed sheets. And while high thread count is always touted as superior and luxurious, it creates a very tight weave that is super smooth, but barely breathes. Linen, on the other hand, is known for being extremely breathable - it's why they make suits and other clothing from linen to wear in hot climates. However, linen isn't known for being terribly soft. Meet the sheets you never knew you needed - Cotton Linen Blend!! Soft like cotton, breathable like linen and absolutely a dream to sleep on in the summer. Truly. This set comes in many colors and sizes, including sets with 4 pillow cases if you are like us and have a pile of pillows to sleep! 

Quality, Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil Supplement. Use a sustainably sourced fish oil, I choose to use OmMEGA because it features a 5:1 ratio of EPA to DHA which has been scientifically shown to support mental wellness, reduce inflammation, improve resilience and promotes cardiovascular health. Fish oil is an important part of our daily diet, but unfortunately the typical American Diet today contains a much higher ratio of Omega 6 Fatty Acids, which do not offer the same protective benefits. Taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement at night has been shown to help further promote necessary brain detoxification processes which only occur during deep sleep.

Sleep Friendly Headphones I like to listen to audiobooks, guided meditations, and sleep sounds as I fall asleep. But the person next to me certainly doesn't want to hear them! These headphones are the ONLY ones I have found that I can fall asleep wearing, and not wake up with some kind of weird ache or pain. Pair through Bluetooth to your device, and choose what you want to hear. I usually queue a few hours worth of calming content (even white noise or certain frequencies), just so some random song doesn't wake me up when i inevitably fall fast asleep. Volume and track controls right on the headband make it easy to stay in that perfect comfortable position even if you need to make an adjustment. 

Bedside Cup The perfect size for the bedside table, with a spill resistant straw lid. Insulated to keep your cold water cold, your room-temp water as tepid as when you filled it (if you're that kind of monster). Hydration is an essential part of wellness, and being dehydrated can lead to poor quality sleep. Having water by your bedside will also encourage you to drink as soon as you wake up, a key wellness habit to get your metabolism firing and give your cells the hydration they need so you can feel vibrant and active!



Holistic Sleep Supplement. Our bodies create melatonin naturally to help us fall asleep in a process that's tied to our circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythm is usually in response to the rising and setting of the sun. What happens when we don't get the signal to fall asleep until hours later than we need to? Sleeplessness. Sometimes using a supplement is necessary and helpful to get back into a healthy sleep pattern. Most sleep supplements (including melatonin) cause you to crash into sleep at night, and make you feel groggy in the morning. It can be difficult to wake up. Worse yet, you can become dependent on using them to fall asleep if you become accustomed to that fast rush of sleepiness (which is not natural!). I personally use Sleep+ because it's completely holistic, with herbs, plant compounds and adaptogens that help the body to relax, calm down and create it's own melatonin, which eliminates the risk of dependence, and facilitates a nice soft drifting off to sleep. I never wake up feeling foggy, and can hop right out of bed the next morning!


ProActive Wellness Coaching is always seeking solutions, doing research and testing products to offer you the latest and best in holistic nutrition and wellness. I believe that all of our systems are connected, and identifying and addressing any imbalances helps us to feel better overall, giving us more energy, a positive outlook and a confidence to continue making decisions that help support our health and wellness. Are you ready take control of your wellness? Schedule a Holistic Health & Wellness evaluation call today!

Looking for more ways to help yourself get better quality sleep? Read Four Things to Avoid for Better Quality Sleep.

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This post contains affiliate links for which I may receive a small commission - at no cost to you - if you make a purchase.

Rest assured, I only recommend products I have used myself, or have researched and would use for myself or for my family. 

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