5-Day Energy Reboot Meal Plan

Make your 5-Day Energy Reboot even easier with the Complete Meal Planner!  The NUMBER ONE issue that I hear from clients is, "I don't have TIME to make healthy meals!" I know it can be a challenge to make the time to find the healthy recipes, make the grocery lists with the right proportions and buy all the right ingredients (but not over-buy and find things stuck in the crisper weeks later!) That's why I created this simple meal plan full of recipes that will give you sustained energy, provide essential nutrients, gut-friendly fiber and SAVE TIME in the kitchen! Many of these meals store beautifully for leftovers that you will enjoy later in the week, saving EVEN MORE time in the kitchen! 

Save precious time and effort in the kitchen, so you have the freedom to enjoy all your extra energy! 

  • Full color planner for meals and snacks for all 5 days downloadable and printable so you can keep it easily accessible in the kitchen and on the go!
  • Complete, full color recipes including notes on storage, tips for making ahead, and simple substitutions if your missing something
  • Detailed preparation guide that tells you WHEN to make the recipes, how to store them, and when to bring them out. Even includes reheating instructions! 
  • Detailed grocery list so you are buying just what you need!

Yes, the Energy Reboot program certainly prioritizes nourishing your body with fresh, minimally processed foods and drinking plenty of clean, life-giving water. But that doesn't mean that you should be spending hours in the kitchen every day! Nutrition governs 80% of your wellness, but it shouldn't take up 80% of your time!

While recipes are portioned for one person, since there is no quantity limit on the Energy Reboot approved foods, you can easily adjust serving sizes and make more!