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Why Do I Recommend What I Do?


It can seem like people are always trying to sell you something. What makes one thing easier to recommend over another?

Obviously, I'm not an "influencer" in the typical sense. But if a plan/product exists relating to weight loss, mental health, or fitness, I’ve probably tried it. (And always at my own expense.)

And *maybe* I wished for an easy way out on multiple occasions.
But the truth is, if you’re looking for an *easy* way to change a situation that’s taken months or years to create, you may not be satisfied with the results, at least not for long.

Creating sustainable change takes patience, and EFFORT! Maybe not hard work. But work, nonetheless. The experts in behavior change say it can be "simple, but not easy."
Making the time and space to build the new habits to support who you WANT to be is so rewarding!

In order to get the changes you want and need, it's often necessary to get a bit of assistance. It can be in the form of a book from the library (so many options), a quick google search (hello overwhelming), online community (why are so many filled with pet pics and off topic posts?) reaching out to a trusted friend, family member, a physician, or a Health & Wellness Coach. Either way, you are investing something and you expect a little bit in return. What I expect is honesty, and no hidden agenda.

I share because of a deep gratitude to have found the ability to build my own habits for wellness on this journey. A lifelong desire to look for connections, causal relationships, asking why... and why again, and then why not... has brought about a deep expectation for high quality. Especially if I am investing money and time in something. The other part of this constant learning is that I'm open to new information, new research, and am humble enough to admit when there is a better option and change my recommendation.

So, why do I recommend certain products and programs over others?
Because I’ve tried them myself, and they work.
I do NOT take recommending anything lightly. And I feel a responsibility to do the research, try things myself, and be 100% confident before I take the leap to recommend them to friends, family and clients who trust me.

If you have questions about any of the things you've seen me recommend, or if you're curious about another product and want me to have a look at it, send me an email or schedule a call!

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