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Survive (and Thrive!) this Holiday Season!


Use these tips to maintain your healthy lifestyle, get closer to your goals, and still ENJOY the upcoming holiday season! 

  1. Did I Mention Water? 

    Staying hydrated allows your body to process nutrients effectively. Water facilitates detox from all of the holiday indulgences that come across our glasses and plates! It also gives your skin a healthy glow - instant look of holiday cheer!  One way to ensure you're hydrated consistently is to bring a water bottle with you - around the house, at work, and on the go. Our family uses these in all sizes! 

  2. Bring Something Healthy to Share 

    When you are asked to bring something, there are so many options for delicious yet healthy dishes from all categories. Follow us on social media to see some great recipes that can be portioned to share!

  3. Skirt The Snack Table 

    When you first arrive, get yourself a nice glass of sparkling or still water, and mingle with friends somewhere other than the room with the snacks!

  4. Follow Your Schedule

    Wait until a time that you would normally be eating, and then head over to grab a plate. Pace yourself, and don't eat all the delicious looking goodies at once.   

  5. Choose the Smaller Plate

    You will be setting yourself up to succeed by choosing a smaller plate for the "treats" during dessert time, especially if you include fruit on your plate too! 

  6. Avoid "Saving Your Appetite" for the party

    This may lead you to overindulge en you arrive . Instead, eat your normal, healthy portions throughout the day and follow some of the tips above to enjoy the best looking foods. 

  7. Portion Your Plate

    Try to fill half your plate with salad, crudite and fruits, one quarter with protein, and one quarter with the other foods that look too delicious to pass up! 

  8. Stick to Holiday Specific Treats

    and avoid the foods you could have all year round. Skip the cheese tray, and store bought muffins or cookies which you could have any time of year, and go for the treats that are the hosts' specialty. Think gingerbread cookies, or a sliver of your Aunt's famous pumpkin cheesecake. Do you look forward to your cousin's signature stuffing all year? Then have some! But if you don't love the green bean casserole, you can leave that for everyone else!

  9. Pace Your Cocktails

    Often we are attending many gatherings throughout Fall and Winter, and alcohol is available at every one! Choose one or two parties at which you'll indulge, and at the others, opt for the non-alcoholic beverages. When you do imbibe, alternate with a glass of water in between cocktails. And though I'm totally not against alcohol, it does impair judgement, and can effect the ability to make decisions that align with your goals. If you do choose to knock a few back, enjoy the signature cocktail, or something fun and NEVER drink anything you think is "just ok." It's just not worth it!

  10. Make It About People

    and plan your events around something other than food. Meet somewhere other than a restaurant, or host a gathering in between meal times. Especially when we are not seeing people as often as we'd like, put the relationships first, and let the food take a back seat. 

  11. Just Say No

    It's possible to make choices for your health and still have a good time. Don't let others pressure you into having that second cocktail, eating the dessert that's not your favorite, or even attending a gathering that you don't want to attend. Wellness also includes setting healthy boundaries for yourself! 

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