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Reasons We Feel Unmotivated

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(And how to move through them to accomplish your goals!)

Whether we're on a wellness journey, or in the midst of a project at home or work, it can often feel difficult to find and maintain the motivation to keep going and see it through till the end.

While I'm a big fan of the 80/20 principle in a LOT of places in my life, leaving projects unfinished is a big pet peeve (but ALSO a huge challenge that I'm constantly working on!) I have a tendency to be really excited in the beginning of a project or goal. I go all in. Sometimes to the point that about halfway though, it starts to lose its luster and my interest begins to fade. In some instances, this is totally fine (I didn't need to make that pillow anyway). But in others, not seeing it through really starts to get to me!

And so began my deep dive into motivation, how to get it, how to keep it, and what to do when it starts to wane! Read on for some of the most common reasons that we feel unmotivated, AND some simple strategies for how to move through and get to the end result!

The Reasons We Feel Unmotivated:

  • It feels too difficult.
  • It feels like someone else's agenda.
  • It feels like the reward is too far away.
  • It feels like the task is too easy or boring.
  • It feels like you don't have the time.
  • It feels like the end result is impossible.

How To Move Through It:

It Feels Too Difficult

Think about some of the other difficult things you've done in the past and succeeded. Use the past as evidence of your capabilities! What strengths do you have in other areas that you can apply to this new situation? A seemingly lofty and challenging endeavor at first will become possible when you realize that you ARE capable of rising to challenges!
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It feels like someone else's agenda.

Evaluate if the end result will actually improve your life, and how you might feel when it's part of your reality. We receive messages from all over - our friends and family, doctors, social media and the rest of our environments - about how we SHOULD be living our lives. So much that it can start to feel like we are only doing things based on what someone else tells us we ought to be doing. Think about how this challenge can benefit YOU and how you will feel once it’s underway. If it feels like it resonates with you, give it a go! If it feels inauthentic, or that you’re just not ready yet, set it aside and release it!

It feels like the reward is too far away.

Think about some incremental successes and rewards that you can look forward to during the process. Especially when we are trying for small, sustainable changes over time, the end result can seem like it IS sooo far away. Instead of looking at the one end goal, break up whatever you’re doing into pieces that seem manageable and exciting. Looking to transform your health? Start by looking at what you can do in the next season or month. Celebrate the small wins along the way. And imagine the possibilities of what your life will look like when you get to your final goal, to keep that motivation going.


It feels like the task is too easy or boring.

Maintaining motivation when your project or task begins to lose your interest can be a challenge!
Often the beginning stages show us the most progress and change. When the changes are coming more slowly or you are getting into the repetition of maintenance, (especially during a wellness journey!) it can be easy to get distracted by the next new thing. This is when finding an accountability partner can be really helpful! Enlist a friend, colleague or coach to remind you of the end goal, keep you accountable, and keep the conversation going along the way. As your interest fades, you can also ask yourself why you started in the first place. This is a good way to refresh interest and motivation.

It feels like you don't have the time.

Yes, there are a limited number of hours per day. Take a few minutes to think about the things you do in your day. Are there times you are doing tasks or activities that can be outsourced, delegated, or eliminated? Often we think we don’t “have” the time but we are simply not “making” the time for things that will serve us the most. Think about your day in segments, and figure out where you can fit in your desired tasks in between. Making a clear time for something in your schedule is the best way to make it happen. It may take some adjustments as you get used to the new pattern but as it becomes your new normal, it will begin to feel natural!

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It feels like the end result is impossible.

This is a good one! We often tell ourselves that things are impossible because we don’t believe we have the ability to change or have more than our current state. Spend time imagining how your life will look when this situation becomes reality. How do you feel, who are you with, what things are the same or different in your life? What are you doing? This is your imagination, so get creative and thing BIG! As you begin to believe these goals or ideas are possible, your brain will help you find ways to get there!

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