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Wellness Wishlist BARGAINS!

wellness wishlist bargains feed your body

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Well, well, well… if it isn’t the two things I love most, coming together?! 

Now more than ever, most of us are looking for ways to trim the budget. But it’s still important to take care of ourselves, so we can show up for the people we love and have the energy to tackle everything life throws our way!

We won’t have sustainable energy without fueling our bodies properly. One simple way to ensure you’re getting quality nutrition is to prepare your meals at home! It doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and it doesn’t have to be super complicated either!

Start with a few multi-tasking kitchen heroes:

Screen Shot 2024-01-29 at 12.43.33 PM

This instant pot with sautee function that will allow you to cook in a fraction of the time without giving up flavor, thanks to the ability to brown things before starting to pressure-cook! 

Ninja Blender and Chopper Multi Piece System

The Ninja blender system that can chop ingredients, make delicious, smooth nutrient packed smoothies (no sense getting a deal if it means you’ll have chunky smoothies!) makes dough, can grind oatmeal to make your own owt flour in seconds and nuts to create nut butters. The possibilities are endless, just like the time it will save you! And as of the writing of this post, it’s FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!

milk frother

This milk frother that can give you cafe quality drinks right at home, and it wont take you a ton of time! Simply heat up your milk of choice for about 20 seconds in the microwave (I love almond milk or oat milk for this), add just a couple drops of vanilla, almond, or peppermint extract and then froth till it's bubbly and light. Then pour your coffee over, and finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder for a delicious treat! 

Reusable Bags

stack of glass containers with pink snap on lids

Meal prepping is another way to save time and your budget! Invest in a few key pieces like reusable silicone gallon bags (they’re even dishwasher safe!) and glass storage containers so you can have food ready to go when you’re ready to eat! Search for easy meal prep recipes and you’ll have literally thousands of options to choose from! (Or, consider doing a Custom Meal Planning Session with me, and I can do the work for you!)

Sleepy Time... 

Another important factor of wellness is sleep! Quality sleep supports your body to detoxify, including your brain which only eliminates cell waste during a deep sleep state. Sufficient sleep is also associated with better cognition, alertness and memory. So to help you get your best rest, check out these favorites, many that are simple swaps for a pricier alternative. 

Grey Silk Pillowcase 

Check out these silk pillow cases, just a fraction of the price of name brand styles, but still a great option. Silk pillow cases are breathable, resist bacteria build up, can prevent stress on hair and delicate facial skin and tend to feel cooler (who doesn’t love the cool side of the pillow?!) Why didn’t I get these sooner?

light up alarm clock

This combination sound machine and alarm clock has similar features to a popular name brand version, but not the price tag! Gentle sunrise wake (extra helpful when it’s often still dark when we wake up now), a wide variety of sleep sounds, and a dimmable digital clock make this a great addition to your nightstand. It even has an option to be a nightlight in several different colors.

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 1.58.06 PM

These sheets sleep cool but still keep you warm without the dreaded “wake up drenched” side effect! We have this set in multiple colors. It comes in over 40 colors/prints, multiple sizes, and even an extra deep mattress option! They are my husband’s absolute favorite for the smooth texture and cooling effect.

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 2.01.43 PM

I love these linen-cotton blend sheets as an alternative to the set above. They are breathable, crisp-yet-soft, and feel so opulent. I can’t wait to get into bed when we have these sheets on, especially in summer!

Cozy Socks pink and white stripes, off white with grey toes, soft pink, gray leopard print
Organic Chai tea box

One of the easiest ways to relax is to get nice and cozy. Pull on a pair from this multipack of cozy socks to keep your toes warm while you wind down. A pair for you, and a few pairs to give away! Package the socks with a box of hot tea from this 6-pack or a home made treat, and you have several gifts checked off the list! 

Personal care:

We can't take care of others if we're not taking care of ourselves! The people on your list will love these personal care products, because they're thoughtful, practical, and you'll be thrilled because it won't break the budget!

extra soft slippers with faux shearling lining

Slippers - Something about putting on a pair of soft, warm slippers just feels so. darn. good. But you may not want to give up the support of your sneakers if you are prone to foot, ankle, knee or back pain. Check out these slippers, that are the best of both worlds with warm faux shearling lining and arch support without breaking the bank! Add these to your list, and put them in your cart to give to someone you love!

reusable eye gels, white with periwinkle floral cloud shapes in white

I use reusable eye gels to hold eye cream or serum in place overnight, or even during the day if I’m feeling like a little extra care is needed.😆Gently cleanse them after each use, then dry and store in their own case. 

can of duke cannons bloody knuckles hand repair balm

This hand cream has been a lifesaver for my dry, cracked Fall/Winter hands. It seems to start earlier and earlier each year, that phase when my hands are always so dry, my knuckles start to crack if I even look at them the wrong way. This balm changed everything! I can put it on anytime of day, it has no strong scent - which seems to irritate my already bothered skin. It doesn’t get greasy, and once it’s absorbed I’m ready to go. (And the product name makes me feel like a real baddy.)

set of 4 white charging cords with usb to lightening connection
set of two white cords and two white bricks usb-c 

A set of lightning charger cords *for phones up to iPhone 14 - because seriously, why is everyone always taking yours?

If you have the latest version, check out these USB-c (with a charging block!) to re-stock those disappearing cords!


It can be hard to convince yourself to go outside and get all the benefits of the glorious sunshine as it starts to get colder and the days get shorter. Add these products to your wishlist to stay warm outside (and inside too!)

pink smart wool socks ankle height with compression knitting

Wool socks aren’t just for cozy time inside anymore! I wear these wool socksinside my sneakers all the time because they wick sweat to keep my feet warm and dry without being too bulky. My parents always taught me that the secret to warm feet is DRY feet, and wool is the way to go!

set of 6 gray wool socks

This set of 6 pairs is an alternative at a great value to stock your sock drawer and the reviews for comfort and durability are fantastic for the price, I definitely just ordered them!

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 2.26.29 PM

If you’re looking to get active but aren’t ready to commit to going to the gym (or the associated monthly costs) check out these resistance bands that come with a workout guide to get you started, multiple strength bands, straps to adapt to different movements, and a waterproof carry bag! A quick online search can provide some great resistance band routines that will keep you motivated and give lots of tips too. Win-win!

Cuddl Duds set

The other secret to staying warm outside? LAYERS! Start with a layer of breathable Cuddl Duds under your clothes, and you’ll feel so much warmer. I live in these most of the winter. Thin enough to wear under jeans without feeling like the Marshmallow Man, yet still shockingly warm. I like crew neck for some things, and v-neck for others and love that there are options!  Bonus- you can machine wash these and put them in the dryer! No special care like their pricier silk competitors!

blue gray gloves with gray palm grippers and black index finger and thumb tips

These thin, tech friendly gloves will keep your fingers from freezing while giving you the control to switch songs during your hot (cold) girl walks. A few different colors - I picked this medium blue tone (and a coupon code at the time of this writing!) give you options to coordinate with your outerwear, or go for classic black to coordinate with everything!

black ear buds with loops over ears

Try these bluetooth earbuds that stay in during workouts - even running! I’ve had this set for a few years now and it’s still going strong. They hold a charge for hours, and recharge quickly. The sound quality is excellent and I LOVE the security of these comfortable silicone loops that prevent me from stopping mid-walk to pick up a dropped earbud!

tall soft blush colored cup with handle and straw

You know I can’t talk wellness without mentioning hydration. If you’re looking for the convenience of a handle on a large capacity cup - without the price tag, check out this insulated stainless drink cup that could become your new favorite emotional support water vessel. I love this brand, it comes in so many colors and the new versions are even dishwasher safe! Lids and straws are washable but simple to replace when it’s time.

tall soft green water bottle with flip straw lid and extra chug lid on side

If you’re looking for a simple insulated water bottle that you can grab with one finger while your hands are full, look no further than the Simple Modern Summit. One of my favorite things about this bottle are the options for different capacities and lid styles. I prefer the flip-up straw, because for some reason I drink more from a straw than any other way. My husband prefers the pour lid, and our daughters each have their favorites too. Sometimes it depends on the activity, but we love having choices. The bottles and lids are dishwasher safe so you know they’re staying clean especially if cold and flu season are approaching!

Nothing feels better than giving and gratitude during the holiday season! And it doesn't have to break the bank! Give the ones you love something they can use, that will support them in having natural, sustainable energy!

Give them the gift of wellness!!

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