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Eggs: We're Talking About Them, Too!


EGGS: We’re talking about them, too!

They’re the topic of a lot of conversations lately, and rightfully so! But maybe not for the reasons that have you putting them at the top of your grocery list! Are you starting to wonder if they’re even worth it? 

For decades, we've been warned to limit egg consumption. But eggs are one of the more nutritionally complete foods! That’s right! Low in saturated fat, high in protein, a good source of vitamin D, Vitamin A, B-Vitamins and iron. Eggs also contain choline and lutein, micronutrients that support healthy brain development and eyesight, respectively, among other essential processes. 

Don’t eggs give you high cholesterol? 

Contrary to the information provided from studies conducted in the 1960’s, eggs are NOT shown to contribute to blood levels of cholesterol. They do have levels of dietary cholesterol, however our livers are stimulated to make cholesterol when we consume saturated fats and trans fats. So a diet high in saturated fat is more concerning than eating foods that are sources of healthier unsaturated fats like eggs!  

More important than limiting your egg consumption is how you prepare them, and what you’re enjoying WITH your eggs to ensure you are creating a meal that supports your natural sources of energy!

Suggestions for wellness promoting preparations of eggs and accompaniments: 

  • Hard boiled 
  • Poached, 
  • Fried in avocado or coconut oil, or ghee
  • Scrambled with plant-based milk or water as the thinner (instead of dairy milk) and cooked in a ceramic-coated pan. 


Serve your eggs with a side of lightly dressed greens, fresh veggies whole grain toast (with 100% whole grain as the first ingredient), quinoa, or lean uncured meats.

Try this simple, quick recipe for egg shakshuka, a mediterranean breakfast staple that can be enjoyed any time of day! 

What about liquid eggs in a carton? 

These are fine in a pinch. Because they are often pasteurized, they have a decent shelf life as long as the carton remains refrigerated and unopened.  However, check the ingredients. If you’re looking for egg whites, the only ingredient should be “egg whites.” Any “stabilizers” or other additives should be avoided, as they can decrease the nutrient density, and add artificial ingredients that often contribute to inflammation or GI disturbance. For liquid eggs that claim to be fat free, check the ingredient label carefully. Often they use egg whites to keep it fat free, but include artificial color and other flavorings to make it have the taste and texture of whole eggs.  

Price versus nutrition 

It’s true - the price of eggs has increased almost more than any other food commodity in the country. But are eggs still a good nutritional bang for your buck? 

The average price of a dozen eggs (January 2022) was $4.82. WOW!!! (That’s another story for another day…) So that’s about $0.40 per egg. For $0.80 you get an average of 12 grams of protein, and a host of essential vitamins and minerals! Eggs have an excellent shelf life, so if you find a great price- stock up! The average shelf life is about 3-5 weeks raw, and one week hardboiled if left in the shell. If you have a membership to a club store like Costco or BJs, the prices will likely be even better! (Plus, they're predicting that prices will fall within the year1)

The verdict - leave eggs on the menu! 

P.S. I have no affiliation with the USDA, egg producers, or any other interest! 

1 Douglas, Leah; "Egg Prices Will Fall Nearly 30%..." Reuters Feb 23, 2023

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