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One Simple Exercise ... that doesn't require any movement!


This one simple exercise can help you feel refreshed - and you don't have to move a bit! 

Meditation, especially with a mindfulness component has been shown to boost mood and motivation. You don't have to sit in silence for hours on end, attempting toward transcendence either.

Instead, try this simple 5 senses exercise that will help focus the mind on real, tangible elements. I use this technique often to "get out of my own head," if I start getting wrapped up in anxious worry. For this exercise, it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you can safely close your eyes for a few seconds. (Read: do not do this while driving!)

Take several deep breaths, that you can feel all the way down to your belly.

Close your eyes and ask yourself these questions: 

1) What do you hear? (the hum of the computer, a car driving by, the ticking of the clock...) 

2) What do you smell? (fresh coffee, laundry, the essence of impending snow. maybe the lingering scent of a meal...) 

3) What do you feel? (the chair beneath you, your shirt against your arms, the soft fur of your boots...) 

4) What do you taste? (that same coffee, lingering toothpaste...)

OPEN YOUR EYES for this last one:

5) What do you see, near and far? (the computer, a potted plant, a bird outside in a tree...) 


Now, take a few more nice, deep breaths. Notice if you feel any lighter or brighter. This simple technique can bring us back to the RIGHT NOW if we start to get wrapped up in worry or anxious feelings. It can help release tension that you didn't even realize was being held in! And, you can do it (almost) ANYWHERE, anytime!

The philosophy of ProActive Wellness Coaching is that our wellbeing relies on the balance of four equally important pillars: Nourishment, Movement, Sleep and Mindset. It's how these are all connected and interdependent that matters. When we are feeling out of alignment, of just "off" sometimes shifting our mindset - and not moving our body at all - can be the answer! 

If you try this technique, or want more ideas for ways to nourish a healthy mindset, send us a note!

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