What's In Your Food? 

Quick - five minutes on average - reads to give you what you NEED to know about what the nutrients do, how your body uses them, food sources, and how to supplement if you think you're not getting enough. (Guess what? Most people are not getting enough of any of these, in a typical diet, unless you are eating 90% plant based!) 


Vitamin C
Vitamin K

What are micronutrients?  

Vitamins, minerals, and other substances that our bodies need to function properly are contained in tiny amounts in the food we eat.  Despite their small concentration, micronutrients are absolutely essential to the body's core functions. The body absorbs most of these nutrients best from food sources, however most people who consume a typical Western diet do not get the recommended daily amount through food alone.

Which nutrients are the most commonly deficient, which food sources have the highest concentrations, and how can you supplement? 

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When we divide food into "Macronutrients," we think of fat, protein and carbohydrates. The latter has gotten a bad rap over the past few years, with many people thinking that any carbohydrate is bad for you. In fact, carbohydrates are absolutely essential to the body's key processes. The important thing is to know which type of carbohydrate you are ingesting.  Read on for more about this nutritional powerhouse!

The statements in these articles are based on research and personal knowledge, but in NO WAY constitute medical advice. Please consult with a physician to discuss how any supplements will interact with any prescribed mediation.