Improve Your Gut Health to Create More Energy Naturally!

Harness Essential Pillars of Wellness to Get Out, Stop Hiding, and Feel Great In Your Own Skin 

  • Are you tired before you've even started your day? 

  • Do you feel like you are always running in survival mode, just trying to get through the next meeting, event, or activity? 

  • Do you hit a slump in the afternoon and rely on coffee or sugar to give you a boost of energy?

  • Do you "know all the right things to do," but it just doesn't seem to be working?

  • Are you already thinking about getting back into bed when you wake up in the morning? 

  • Do you dread the thought of getting "dressed up" for events, because you don't feel good in any of your clothes?

  • Do you have feelings of guilt or shame surrounding "bad" food choices?

  • Do you have cravings that seem to come out of nowhere? 

  • Are you often having GI issues like indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, frequent gas or bloating?

Taking control of your wellness before it becomes a bigger roadblock is easier and more effective than trying to overcome challenges after they arise.

  • Do you wake up feeling renewed and energized?

  • Do you feel sensational in your own skin?

  • Do you feel mentally sharp?

  • Are you able to handle stressful situations with ease? 

  • Are you looking forward to the next season with excitement and anticipation? 

  • Do you feel calm and relaxed when you have "down time?" 

  • Are you patient and thoughtful with your family, friends, and co-workers?

  • Is it simple to make healthy choices regarding food and exercise?

  • If you were invited to a class reunion, a wedding, or work event, would you feel excited and confident?

  • We can't ignore the signals our bodies are giving us that things are out of balance: headaches, heartburn, constant tiredness, short temper, lack of motivation.

  • It took YEARS for me to get to feeling my worst, but felt improvements in a few short weeks, once I took my wellness seriously.

  • The gut is the center of your body's natural pharmacy, and governs energy production, happiness promoting hormones, and your immune system.

  • It's possible to use holistic solutions to reboot your microbiome and increase energy, reduce inflammation, and reduce cravings, and reclaim your life!

Decades of frustration with my own low energy, poor body image, confusion surrounding food, and uncontrollable cravings had me searching for solutions. This is what I discovered:

Taking control of my gut health and prioritizing my wellness has helped me

  • Wake up every morning without dragging myself out of bed, and feel energized right away. I still love my coffee, but don't NEED it to start the day!

  • Have more patience with my kids and husband

  • Feel less dread and overwhelm when I look at a busy week ahead

  • Practically eliminated my heartburn and other GI issues

  • Decreased the frequency and severity of recurring headaches

  • Increased my general happiness and confidence in a way I NEVER THOUGHT WAS POSSIBLE. 

If you are waiting for a "good time" to start something new, it may never come.

The time is NOW.

There will always be another vacation, birthday, wedding, party, tournament, work event. The question is: How long will you keep putting yourself last on the list?

Things will never "settle down," so you have to make the time for what is important.


There is no such thing as, "I've always been this way." 

YOU have the ability to change your path, and move in a different direction. YES, YOU DO!!!


It's not heroic or admirable to consistently sacrifice yourself and your wellness for others. You can prioritize your wellness AND SHOW UP EVEN BETTER FOR YOUR PEOPLE!


You do have the time. How many minutes per day do you spend avoiding doing things you don't want to do by scrolling on your phone, tablet or computer? Or dragging out one task so you don't have to move on to the next, more challenging one?

What about the hours of sleep you lose each week by staying up late just to get some alone time?

How much time do you spend doing tasks that don't light you up and feel like they're draining your energy? 

What if you spend just 1-2 of those hours each week trying a different approach? 


If you already exercise and eat well, and still feel like you're barely making it through the day, this could be the missing link. It could be your stress levels, or your sleep quality (not quantity) or the types of exercise affecting your energy and mood. You are doing things to promote your health- why not get all the benefits?

Now Imagine the Possibilities...

Eat nutritious foods and make simple changes to feel your very best.

Have more patience with your family, friends and co-workers. 

Have lasting, sustained energy through the day to conquer your to-do list

Fall asleep at night without already dreading what's coming tomorrow. 

Reduce your heartburn, bloating and other GI issues. 

Feel excited and prepared for events and activities in the future

​Increase your happy hormone production to optimize mood and stress resilience. 


​With the support of a community of like-minded, motivated people, you will find that we:

  • Incorporate nutritious, minimally processed foods - don't worry, we provide grocery list ideas, recipes, and simple tips to increase whole foods without sacrificing time or energy!  

  • Focus on including Purposeful Movement every day, whether that's walking for 10 minutes, dancing, yard work, or an organized exercise routine. We can give you some ideas if you're not sure where to begin, or are interested in trying something new! We post resources for virtual programs, share ideas within the community, and continuously encourage and hold each other accountable.

  • Prioritize sleep quality, with suggestions for bed-time routines, small tweaks to the day to that lead to extra sleep at night, and education about the benefits of quality sleep, to help you reprogram the "sleep is for the weak" mentality that we see so much of today.

  • Provide opportunities for mindset shifts around food and food choices, "deprivation," self care, and habit change. 

  • Learn WHY these changes actually work, so you feel empowered to make healthier choices that help you feel your best, with energy, improved mood, and the motivation to continue making decisions that support your health and wellness. 

What if I want even more dramatic results? 

You will take your program to the next level with the supplement protocol which includes high quality, clinically tested and validated products, based on ancient wisdom, whole food ingredients, and unparalleled science!  I partnered with this company after extensive comparisons, and they are at the forefront of research and development of wellness protocols.  

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Included in your Registration:
  • 6 Week Membership in the private ProActive Wellness Reboot and Re-Energize Community

  • Access to personalized program support, motivation, and accountability through private group!

  • Gorgeous Printable Reboot & Re-Energize Program Tracking Journal

  • Daily Accountability and Action Items

  • Weekly Virtual Meetings for Education, Accountability and Q&A 

  • Delicious recipes, and time saving tips for those busy days

  • Educational articles, videos, and other resources 

  • Discounts on subsequent Programs and extended Private Coaching during and after the conclusion of your first Reboot & Re-Energize Program.   

  • Referral Bonuses

Program Investment: $599  OVER 40% OFF! 

Get the most out of your program by including the supplement protocol 

Want to make it even EASIER? Upgrade to include Meal Plans for all 6 weeks to maximize your time and energy!

Why Does the Reboot & Re-Energize Program Recommend Supplements?

Are you eating 5 servings of vegetables and at least 3 servings of fruit per day?

Does that sound almost impossible? 

It is! Your program will be based on clean, nutritious foods, and includes a lot of plants, in addition to incorporating daily movement, and cleaning up your sleep routine. But it is nearly impossible to consume the variety and quantity of plants necessary in a 6 Week Program to establish and nourish a healthy microbiome that can support healthy energy, weight loss and mental clarity.


Using the Reboot & Re-Energize Holistic Mental Wellness Protocol will bring your the program to the next level, increasing beneficial microflora and providing the optimal support for it to flourish. Clinically researched, quality controlled ingredients provide the necessary prebiotics, probiotics, phytobiotics and polyphenols to improve communication in the Gut-Brain Axis.


Program members who incorporate the supplements have enjoyed: increased energy, reduced inflammation, and improved stress resilience, improved sleep, and even weight loss, just to name a few!

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