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POTASSIUM is one of the most abundant minerals in your body and plays a key role in several body processes!

💪 98% of bodily potassium is stored inside your cells, and of that around 80% is stored inside muscle tissue.

It is involved in muscle contraction, heart function, and fluid balance.


Diets rich in potassium are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and kidney stones.

Supplementation of potassium is not typically recommended, as it is best absorbed through food sources. Recommended daily intake has not been established, but there are some excellent sources of dietary potassium.

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Tomato Soup
Fresh Beetroots
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Food sources of Potassium include:

  • Beet Greens

  • Preserved/canned tomato products (packed in glass)

  • Baked Yams

  • 🥗Raw Spinach

  • 🟢Cooked Soybeans

  • 🥑Avocado

  • Bananas

The statements in these articles are based on research and personal knowledge, but in NO WAY constitute medical advice. Please consult with a physician to discuss how any supplements will interact with any prescribed mediation.