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Earlier in the Summer, I was asked to be a guest on the podcast, Imperfect Mommying: Better Parenting Through Self Healing. We talked about A LOT. Motherhood, health struggles, and how to harness Four Pillars of Wellness to create small, lasting changes. I get a little technical at points (of course) but Alysia was an absolute delight to talk to, and I think we could have stayed on for hours! If you know me personally, the occasional ramble is par for the course, but we eventually cover the topic at hand. HA!

We discovered just how much we have in common in what we believe - about motherhood, self-care, and some of the stresses of parenthood.

An exerpt from her notes, that describes just how passionate she is, "And now, from these extreme place of love and gratitude, I want other people to have this experience. I want to help women heal their relationships with their fathers, their mothers, their siblings, their children. I want to help women heal their relationship with the mirror." For more about Alysia Lyons, and her journey to be a perfectly imperfect mom, find her here!

Follow her on IG: @makeupwiththemirror

or her Facebook Group: Conquering Mom Guilt

Watch the episode below, or find the audio on Spotify or iTunes

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