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Corporate and Group Workshops & Webinars

Wellness encompasses physical, mental and social wellbeing. Are you looking for a way to bring your corporate team or social group together, and deepen your understanding of Wellness? 

ProActive Wellness Coaching can develop a one-time or regularly scheduled workshop to support your team culture and goals.

We approach each event with enthusiasm, humility, an open mind and a sense of humor. 


Learn how ProActive Wellness Coaching can bring your vision for sharing wellness into reality.

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Additional hours available as needed, please reach out! 

Share Wellness
Taking control of your wellness before it becomes a concern is easier and more effective than trying to overcome challneges once they arise. (1)

If it relates to Wellness, we've probably researched it!

Sample topics include:

  • Clean Up Your Plate & Your Counters (Information and guidance about how to identify and source safer foods and products)
  • Holistic Nutrition 101
  • Holistic Approaches to Mental Wellness
  • Stress Management and Reduction for Wellness
  • Vision Boards: Wellness, Gratitude and Progress
  • Meal Planning Tips for Busy Families

​ Give us a call or send an emailto discover how ProActive Wellness can help you support your team! 

Corporate and Team Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts Available

Looking for a gift that will offer benefits for the future and honor their Wellness? Tired of sending another t-shirt or clock?

Consider giving your team members or employees a curated experience of a Pantry Refresh, or Nutrition Workshop. You can give the ultimate gift of CHOICE with a gift certificate to use however they'd like.

Vision Board Workshops:

Two to Three Hours

Creating a Vision Board can help you to discover your desires and dreams. Some people believe that this enlightening activity can help bring your dreams into reality by putting out in to the universe what you hope to receive. Many people are surprised by how their vision board session unfolds!

Come with an open mind and a few ideas. You provide the space, we provide the materials. If your group has a special request or a particular interest, let's talk about it!

Vision Board Workshop Pre-registration is required.

Investment dependent on size of group.

Create Vision Board Workshop

Pantry Evaluation/Refresh: 

Three Hours+ 

Curious about how the foods in your pantry and refrigerator could be interfering with your health and weightloss goals? Need a better way to find what you're looking for while trying to plan and prepare meals? This working appointment can help to improve your wellness in two ways: Get organized in your pantry and fridge, and learn about the foods that can help (or hinder) you to get healthier. The perfect project to accompany your health and wellness journey!  (Virtual Consultations and safe, in person consultations available.) 

Gift a Pantry Refresh

Health and Wellness Assessment Session:  

More in depth than the Exploration session, but also a dialogue between client and coach. We will examine your current health and wellness picture: eating habits, food preferences, lifestyle, past and present successes and challenges. Discover your intentions and possible roadblocks, set goals and determine next steps. 

Single, 90 minute session, over the phone.

Gift Health and Wellness Assessment